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Name: Bert Hodges
Occupation: Green Grocer (Cheif ARP warden)
Hodges is Mainwaring's arch rival (and the platoon's come to that!)he can't stand him one bit,he calls him Napolean the reason is unknown but we've come to know that he means Mainwaring when he says Napolen.He is the towns green grocer,he's not a very honest man,he puts mud the potatoes to make them weigh more(hense the dirty finger nails).He is considered a common man by the platoon.During the last conflict he worked on a prisoner of war camp.He is member of the towns cricket team he is the bowler.He is the cheif ARP warden wearing the white hat as a sign of authority bringing up that he is a important member of the community when he is needed to.
Name: Timothy Farthing                                                         
Occupation: Vicar
Timothy is the towns vicar.He doesn't have a very exciting life his hobby being campanology.He used to be the editor of the magazine:"The ring-a-ding-monthly" but the magazine closed down so he lost that job to keep him busy now the highlight of his year is the scouts annual pantomine.He doesn't have a very large congregation at his church,only six and his organist.He can get into a very grumpy mood when he is doing some jobs such as writing his sermon,or when Mainwaring gets too big for his boots and says that the hall and office is his.For the episode "The Recruit" the vicar joins the platoon with his 'side kick' the verger, but his military career comes to an abrupt end when Mainwaring says that all the trouble that night had been caused by him for not handiling the situation properly in the first place.  
Name: Maurice Yeatman                                                    
Occupation: Verger
The Verger is an odd character. He doesn't like Mr Mainwaring or the rest of the platoon. He grovels to the vicar, but sometimes we get the feeling he dosen't always appreciate the verger though. He is also a snitch to the Walmington platoon helping Hodges to mess up the platoon's chances of suceeding in whatever they may be doing. He also runs the sea-scouts with the help of the vicar. He also has a twin but we don't know anything about him other than that. The Verger is in-turn not liked by the platoon Frazer mentioning sometimes how :"He has a face like a sour prune!" and Jones puts the bayonet right up when the chance comes.
Name: Marcia Fox
Occupation: Widow/Acompnier of lonely men
Mrs Fox is a slighty eccentric character in the sitcom, she is always seen dressed lavishly with the fur of an animal drape over her shoulder. Mrs Fox is sure to attract the men of Walmington catching the attention of the town clerk, Mr Gorden. In the final episode she marries Jack Jones who has fancied her for the past seventeen years, he see's her face everywhere even on the gas works! Mrs Fox has no male relations however we do hear that she has a brother in the army earlier on in the series so we must assume that he died somewhere between that and the last episode, "Never too old".

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