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The year is 1940 and Manwaring is standing in his office at the bank with the sound of all clear in the background.Miss King then comes running in to the room,"it's Anthony Eden sir!" "In person" Manwaring exclaims all excitedly "no on the wireless" with a quick tap on the wireless the voice of Anthony Eden is heard, and that formed the start of the LDV and the start of Manwaring becoming a pompuss leader with his second in command Wilson his cheif clerk who seemed to spend most of his time in a dream.Later in the episode we are introduced to the rest of the platoon and Warden Hodges who doesn't seem to like Manwaring telling him to get shifted!!This episode was called the Man and the hour and spark of what was to be a great series with the platoon facing crisis after crisis but always coming through in the end ,"SO COME ON ADOLF WE'RE READY FOR YOU!!"


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