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David Croft   

Jimmy Perry

David Croft was born in Poole in to a theactrical family,Daivid went to school at Rugby.In the Second world war he rose to the rank of major and served in the Royal Artillery and Dorest regiment in North Africa,India and in Singapore for a time he also in Montgomery's staff at the war office.After the war ended David went back to the theatre until the 1950'swhen David turned his attentions to writing.In 1954 he went on to join Rediffusionas head of the light entertainment script department before he went on to producing and directing.In 1959 he went on to set up Tyne tees television, and was responsible for over 300 TV shows.Later on he joined the BBC where he went onto produce loads of hit shows such as: The Benny Hill show, The Dicke Emery show, Hugh and I, Beggar my neighbour, Steptoe and son,' Til death do us part ,Tales of lazy acre and Up Pompeii.David also became one of TV's best sictcom writers including such programs as :Dad's Army, It ain't half hot mum and Hi-de-hi.He then award and OBE in 1978, the Desmond Davies award four years later and in 1992 received the Judges award from the royal television society and then in 1999 David who was married to Ann (a former agent) recieved the Eric Morcambe award for lifetime achievment,presented by Comic Heritage.He now has homes in London, Norfolk and Portugal.

Jimmy Perry was born in 1924 in Barnes south-west London.He taken to the thearte by his parents at a very young age.And as a result he couldn't wait to get under the spolight.Jimmy Perry did actually join the Home Guard at the age of sixteen (where he got the inspiration to make Dad's Army),he then served as a sergent in the middle east (It ain't half hot ,mum!) and as a red coat at butlins (Hi-de-Hi).After demob from the army he graduated from drama school and work for various companies before taking over Watfords palace play house which he ran for 8 years.In 1968 he went on to meet David Croft.Jimmy first thought that David was rather cross but they managed to work toegether for 30 years


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