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The Walmington-on-Sea platoon, Attention!!

Name: George Mainwaring                                           
Rank: Captain
Address: 23 Lime Crescent, Walmington-on-sea
George Mainwaring is the manger of the Walmington-on-sea branch of Swallow bank.His father was a member of the master tailors guild,but according to his brother he only owned a little drappers shop down  a side street with work man's clothes hanging up out side.His brother is a drunk,Barry Mainwaring,despite the fact that Mainwaring has said that on many occasions that his family where never heavy drinkers.He is married to Elizabeth,not even Mainwaring will admit to  a happy marriage,she's not been out the house since Munich ,we never see Mrs Mainwering in the series.At the forming of the LDV Mainwaring appointed himself captain of the local platoon despite a complete lack of knowledge for the job.He has a rival and thats the ARP warden Hodges who is "Awfully common.". 
Name: Arthur Wilson 
Rank: Sergeant
Address: n/a (although he oftens stays at Mrs. Pikes)
Sergeant Wilson is a member of the Aristocracy.He went to a bording school called Meadow Bridge, one of the better public schools.He was brought up by a nanny and his father worked in the city.He is the cheif clerk at Swallow bank Walmington-on-sea and has followed Mainwaring in his work there despite his higher social position.He spends most of his life in a daze and gives orders in calm and polite way,"would u kindly step this way please" "stand in nice three straight little lines".He has had a long term relationship with Mrs Pike,could he be Pike's father?
Name: Jack Jones 
Rank: Lance Corporal
Address (work): 42 (maybe19) ,The High Street,Walmington-on-sea
Jack Jones is a veteran soldier that is as keen as mustard he signed on as a drummer boy in 1884 and served under General Kitchener for a long period of time in the Sudan.After being invalided out for bad eyesight in world war one he began a butcher in Walmington.He signed on into the Home Guard the day it was formed and was with them throughout despite the constant threat that his age posed him.Throughout his time in the Home Guard he has been known for using his position as butcher in  the town for his favour, like the time when in "The man and the hour" he was trying to get his strip.One of his favourite sayings is "They don't like it up 'em!" when he fixes his bayonet and gets all excited about battle.He was a bachelor until the final episode when he finally married Mrs Fox who he had fancied for 17 years.
Name:James Frazer
Address:91 The High Street,Walmington-on-sea
James Frazer is a funeral director in Walmington-on-sea,although in The man in the Hour it was said that he owned a philatasists shop.He was a member of the royal navy Cheif pety officer 1914-1918.He grew up alone on the wee Isle of Barra where most of his freinds died,judging by all the stories he tells when some ones  dies! Frazer doesn't like captain Mainwaring and in the episode "If the cap fits..." Mainwaring gives Frazer the chance to see how difficult it is to run the platoon,not many members of the platoon appreciated his dictatorle methods.Mainwaring descrides Frazer as a rough diamond which I think really does some him up!
Name:Joe Walker
Address:1b,Slope Alley(just off High Street),Walmington-on-sea
Joe Walker is Walmington's spiv he can get you what you want whether you want knicker elastic for women or whisky for the men of the town.He is quite a rich man with a bank account 15,042 in it (the two and a half feathers).He has a stall on on the market on Saturdays.He will use every oppotunity to make money,whether you need a pair of gloves or a pen he will charge you for it.He only join the platoon through chance,going to find out what the crowd was doing (the film).Many people wonder why Walker isn't a member of the regular amry but he couldn't join because he is allergic to corn-beef, although he did come close joining the army in "The loneliness and long distance of Walker" but he put down of his occupation as a banana salesman but it wasn't a reserved occupation but his allergy of corn-beef pervailed. 
Name:Frank Pike
Frank Pike is lets say a mummys boy.According to his mum (Mavis Pike) he has many illnesses including ,weak ankles,crupe (hense the scarf) and hay hever. He calls Arthur Wilson, Uncle Arhtur which he is told off many for times by Mainwaring ("I suppose it's better than Daddy").He thinks most things are a game like the time when the platoon have to star in a film and dress up as Nazi's and he is chosen to be an officer.He loves going to the cinema every week he goes down to Eastgate with Wilson and goes to the pictures. He often brings up different parts of films in his suggestions,"like in that film..."!He was a member of the boy scouts and has gained many badges in his time with them.He does get his call up papers in "when you've gotta go" but during Walmingtons blood drive it is discovered that he has a very rare blood group 1 in 10,000, but he still enjoys his celebratory good bye fish and chip supper.If there is any water around near the platoon he will be the one to get it "I'm all wet Mr Mainwaring!"           
Name:Charles Godfrey
Rank:Private (medical)
Address:Cherry Tree Cottage,Walmington-on-sea
Charles Godfrey is a calm man who has now been retired for some years.He lives with his two sisters, Cissy and Dolly in Cherry Tree Cottage,which was nearly destroyed to make way for a new Aerodrome but it was saved by Frazer! During the first world war Godfrey was a conscientious objector which outraged Mainwaring, however the platoon later find out that he joined the Medicl corps and saved many lives during the Battle of the Somme winning the Milatary Medal,but he doesn't like to show it off because he says he doesn't look like someone who should  wear a medal. Before his retirement he was member of the Army and Navy stores hense the reason why he is the man to kit everyone out with uniform. He isn't the most agile man in the platoon having to be helped on and off the van and up and down stairs.He is also known to be needed to be excused to spend a penny.


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